Search through 4 million icons

Iconfinder is an online platform that gives access to millions of icons in a wide variety of formats.

Huge library of icons

There are currently close to 4.5M icons available on Iconfinder. They can be searched by keyword, category, or style. There are icons for all tastes, projects, and budgets.

A dozen styles to choose from

The icons are currently divided in 12 different styles, including hand drawn, outline, photorealistic, cartoon, 3D, and pixel. Searching through the 4M+ icons by preferred style is possible.

Seamless process for using the icons

The first step is creating an account based on the expected usage. Then, the icons can be downloaded in different formats. They come with a license that allows them to be used for commercial purposes.

Edit icons to get the perfect result

If the icons are not exactly what users are looking for, users can open the Icon Editor tool included with Iconfinder and make small changes. This includes changing the colors, adding text, or removing certain elements.


Iconfinder currently offers 3 different payment plans. The Micro plan is for one user and limits downloads to 10 icons per month. The Starter plan allows up to 5 users and limits downloads to 50 per month. Finally, the Unlimited plan is the most comprehensive, allowing unlimited downloads and up to 25 users. The Micro and Starter plans allow rollover of unused downloads to the next month.

$8/mo—10 downloads; $19/mo—50 downloads; $49/mo—Unlimited downloads

Iconfinder Tutorials for Beginners

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