Compress images without losing quality
Image Optimization

ImageOptim is a Mac-specific tool that compresses images to reduce their file size while not sacrificing quality. Having lighter images has many positive effects, including a faster web experience and decreased storage necessary.

Compress your images easily

ImageOptim reduces the size of photos by removing metadata such as photo and camera information or GPS location and other unnecessary embedded information. Simply drag and drop images in the tool to reduce their size in an instant. If you don’t need a high quality image and want the lightest file, you can choose to compress the file further by lowering quality by just a tiny bit.

Keep a professional quality

ImageOptim resizes images in a 48-bit depth, preserving a professional quality. It can also embed an ICC color profile if necessary. The metadata removed also preserves your privacy (no GPS location) and security, through the tool’s API.

Save money and increase speed

Smaller image file sizes mean the images you use on your website will load faster, giving a better experience to your users and helping with SEO ranking. It also requires less storage space, resulting in cost savings.

Free to use

ImageOptim is an open source platform available in close to 20 languages. The Mac app is free to use and can be downloaded on ImageOptim’s website, not on the Apple Store. The web service has a fee based on the number of monthly optimizations.


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