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Marketing Website Widgets

Marketing Widgets for Websites

Little Widgets is a collection of 60 pre-made Bootstrap components to suit any website: modals, sidebars, forms, notifications, website widgets. Every component is beautifully designed, coded in html/css, seamlessly animated and ready-to-use on your website. It easily can be integrated with WordPress.

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Save Time On Front-End Development

We have designed, coded, and animated every component, so you can now build your web projects faster. Little Widgets is compatible with Bootstrap.

Maximize Sales

Every form, modal or popup was built by the best designers, marketers and developers. Now you can build an email list and convert new customers easily.

Easy to Use

  • Choose a form you like. Just choose a form, modal or popup you like from our huge library of pre-made Bootstrap components.
  • Insert code on a website. Use the code of a chosen component on your website using your favorite html editor.
  • Connect with back-end. Connect the front-end part of the component with your website’s back-end functionality.

Subscribe Forms

Encourage your website visitors to subscribe so they can receive updates on new product launches and the latest news. 9 out of 10 of your website visitors leave without converting to a call-to-action. You can change this with our subscribe forms. They give you a chance to reach these visitors again through email marketing.

  • Get More Subscribers. Build an email list to stay in touch with your website visitors.
  • Better Email Marketing. Send newsletters and product updates to encourage your subscribers to revisit your website.
  • Variety of Form Layouts. We've designed custom form layouts: horizontal forms, sticky forms, inline forms, etc.

Signup Forms

Quickly obtain valuable information from new customers and leads by using signup form templates. The ability to sign up new users is an important step in your website’s sales funnel.

  • Turn Prospects Into Customers. Move your website visitors through your automated sales funnel and convert them into customers.
  • Gather Valuable Data. Signup forms are a perfect opportunity to mine valuable data from your website visitors such as their date of birth or the city where they live.

Alerts, Dialogs, Notifications

It’s important to notify visitors about changes or actions that take place while they are on your website. It may be something like "Do you want to save changes?" or just a simple dialog about using cookies. We’re ready to help in this area as we've built many dialogs, modals, alerts and notifications you can implement on your website or web app.

  • Engage With Users. Send a message to users for various events that occur on your website.
  • Ask Questions. Whenever you have a question for your visitors, ask them with our pre-made dialog components.

Feedback Forms

Feedback forms help you to communicate with your website visitors and receive valuable feedback about your website and services. The best way to improve your product is by asking users what they want using a contact form. Why are visitors leaving your website? Why are they not signing up to your services? What features should be added to your product? Ask them by using our feedback and contact forms.

  • Gather Instant Feedback. Users can share feedback, suggestions, ideas, ask questions and report problems.
  • Improve Your Product. Use specific feedback to refine your product and develop new features.

Social Media Buttons

Give users the ability to share your website to their friends by using the social media buttons widget. Let them spread the word about your website or product through Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Increase website traffic with the power of social media. Every like or new follower counts!

  • Increase Website Traffic. Every click on the social media button gives you a free advertisement for your website.
  • Grow Social Media. Build your social media following and increase your brand presence.


A sidebar menu can be used to show an additional website navigation tool that doesn’t need to be part of the main content of a page. It can be a simple and quick way to provide users with access to additional pages and tools on your website. Another way to use a sidebar is to hide a checkout form.

  • Organize Additional Pages. When your website has a lot of additional pages, it’s a good idea to hide some of them inside a sidebar menu.
  • Show Extra Functionality. Use sidebars to show something that will be available after a certain event on a page like a checkout form, booking, etc.

Popups & Modals

We've created dozens of marketing modals and popups that convert your website into a highly effective selling machine. Share freebies, receive payments and notify users about items added to their cart.

  • Make More Sales. Expand the functionality of your website with marketing popups and widgets.
  • Effective Marketing. A simple form or a popup can drastically increase your sales and subscriber numbers. Why not try it?

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